Nyle Gordon works on his piece, which won the cityscape Quick Paint event.

Plein Air Shorewood in Wisconsin was in its infancy in 2013. This year, it lasted two weeks — from September 8-20 — and included a significant art education component. 

“After School,” by Anthony Sell. Best of Show


“The results of this community effort are more than the paintings that were sold, but that our kids are dragging their art easels into their front yards and painting their neighborhoods, and our village is seeing their home in a new way,” reports Melissa Marschka, a co-chair of the event. Organizers went into local schools and gave painting demonstrations and hosted quick paint events in advance of the adult competition. The public portion of the event ran four days.

“Looking North,” by Sherri Thomas. Winner of the lakefront Quick Paint event


Organizers report that more than 3,500 people participated in some aspect of the event. The sale and exhibition was a success, with more than 100 paintings — representing roughly 85 percent of the artists — selling. The event came off thanks to the work of more than 100 volunteers, and organizers are pleased to point out that the festival was truly multi-generational, with women’s groups and schools working alongside professional artists and local businesses.

Work on display at Plein Air Shorewood


“Fran’s Perch,” by Shelby Keefe. First Place


Anthony Sell was the big winner, taking home $2,000 with his Best of Show Award. Shelby Keefe won First Place, while Lynn Rix took Second and Edward Corkery won Third. Honorable Mention awards went to Jenny Anderson and James Hempel.

James Hempel and Jenny S. Heyden enjoy the show.


There were two Quick Paint competitions. The one focusing on a cityscape was won by Nyle Gordon. The lakefront competition was won by Sherri Thomas.

“Sunrise and Starlings,” by James Hempel. Honorable Mention


Thomas Buchs won the People’s Choice award, and the Historical Society honored him with an award as well. The Community Spirit award was won by William Suys, Jr.


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