Paintings of artists
Jove Wang, “My Demo,” oil, 30 x 40 in.

Master painter Jove Wang’s art journey is such an inspiration. Born in China, he trained under master artist Gang Gu before earning top honors at the China Academy of Art. In 1990, he moved to the U.S., quickly gaining recognition. His awards are many, from Gold Medals at the California Art Club to multiple “Best of Show” titles at prestigious competitions.

What sets Jove apart is his belief that art needs soul and life. This isn’t just a philosophy; it’s a practical approach that he’s honed over 45 years and shares with his students. He talks about finding the “rhythm” in your art, much like a musician finds the beat. It’s this sense of rhythm and simplicity that he teaches, having spent over two decades guiding artists from his California studio.

A Venice scene painted by Jove Wang for his painting workshop, "Expressive Cityscapes"
A Venice scene painted by Jove Wang for his painting workshop, “Expressive Cityscapes”

Jove’s work is in permanent collections and top galleries, but what’s more interesting is what you can learn from him. His teachings offer a fast track to not just technical skills but also the emotional depth that makes art stand out.

Note: If you feel your skills have plateaued, and you’re at a loss on how to move forward, Master Jove Wang may just have the inspiration you’re looking for. Check out his new painting workshop, “Expressive Cityscapes,” and preview it here:


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