Suzie Baker, “Lean In
Suzie Baker, “Lean In,” 2019, oil, 12 x 12 in., Available from artist, Plein air

In this weekly series Kelly Kane, Editor-in-Chief of Plein Air Magazine, shares a favorite painting and artist quote from a recent issue.

Kelly Kane’s Pick of the Week: “Lean In”

What’s the best advice you ever heard? “The best advice I ever received was from a mentor of mine, Rich Nelson, who got it from his mentor Bart Lindstrom, ‘Making it in this business is a two-step process: Step one, get good; step two, get out there. The better you are at step one, the better step two will go.’”
— Suzie Baker, “In the Field: A Female Perspective”

Read the full article in PleinAir Magazine, April/May 2020


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