Sharon Weaver painting en plein air
Sharon Weaver painting en plein air

By Sharon Weaver

The Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains are my favorite place to paint. With amazing vistas and sparkling clear lakes the subject never disappoints. I especially relate to the colors of the area; the olive green pine trees with mountains that cast blue shadows.

Sharon Weaver, "Mammoth Lake Summer," 11 x 14 in., Oil, at Twin Lakes near Mammoth Lakes, CA.
Sharon Weaver, “Mammoth Lake Summer,” 11 x 14 in., Oil, at Twin Lakes near Mammoth Lakes, CA.

I have always wanted to paint this spot looking across Twin Lakes but it is usually so windy that I move on. This particular morning it was calm and clear but about an hour and a half in, I could hear the wind coming through the trees.

I grabbed my easel and held on as a strong gust nearly knocked me over. After that, it was a scramble to pack up and get back into the car. I finished it back in the studio but kept the spontaneity by restricting the studio painting time to a minimum.

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