A new project called “Where in the World Is…” allowed collectors to see paintings created by plein air painters the same day they made them, along with videos that showed their process and progress in making the pieces. The resulting paintings could be purchased immediately. 

The galleries Illume Gallery of Fine Art (Salt Lake City), the Mission Gallery (St. George, Utah), and Authentique Gallery (St. George, Utah) sponsored the event, which spanned three days, June 11-13. Recognizable names dotted the long list of participants, including Marc Hanson, Kathleen Dunphy, Kathryn Stats, Ron Rencher, Aaron Schuerr, Randall Sexton, Lorenzo Chavez, Linda Tippetts, Kim Lordier, Lori Putnam, Kate Starling, and Dave Santillanes. 

Kim Lordier endured a windy day at a reservoir outside of San Francisco to paint “Golden Grass, Lifting Fog.” Her videos of the painting session are on view here.

Steven Lee Adams found a picturesque creek and some hills with vegetation offering vertical elements — in his backyard. See his videos here.

Each artist recorded a brief video at the beginning, middle, and end of the painting session to help viewers and potential collectors get a feel for the scene and the day. 


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