Through June 29, nine nocturnes painted by Cathleen Windham will be on view at Red Arrow Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee. The artist painted the night scenes on site at various places in the Nashville area from June 12-20. 

“Painting in plein air in the city at night has been tremendous,” says Windham. “What started as a simple project to produce a body of work portraying night scenes has become a Nashville public art event. The support and enthusiasm from local press, art lovers, and collectors is amazing. One of the most challenging things has of course been to produce paintings — all nine nights — that are frame-worthy. I have a newfound respect for those artists who compete at events or commit to similar projects. But I believe I’ll allow myself to be vulnerable enough to hang the couple that didn’t work so well. The magic just doesn’t happen every time, and I’m OK with sharing that publicly. It’s just reality for an artist.”

For more information, visit the gallery’s website.


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