Detail of Kim Lordier’s pastel painting

Knowlton Gallery, in Lodi, California, hosts the show “Pacific Rhythms: The Beauty of California’s Coast” from July 2 through August 24. Kim Lordier, Randall Sexton, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Ray Roberts, Debra Huse, Kathleen Dunphy, Gil Dellinger, John Cosby, Dennis Ziemenski, and Charles Muench will have pieces on display at the exhibition, which focuses on the extremely varied coastline along California.

“Turquoise Seas,” by Kim Lordier, pastel, 20 x 24 in. Courtesy Knowlton Gallery, Lodi, California

“One thing that is special about painting at the ocean is the sound of the waves,” says Lordier. “I like to paint barefoot when it’s warmer. It’s a blessing to have access to beaches in the West.”

Lordier painting near Pacifica, California

We asked Lordier to comment on her approach to painting the surf. She says, “My surface is Wallis Belgium Mist, a sanded archival paper, which has the look of a beautiful piece of raw linen. I love to work on the middle-value ground to help judge the values for the rushing water. Just like oil or watercolor, painting the surf in pastel is a continued study of the rushing water from life at every opportunity. Utilizing design and rhythm is important to create the idea of movement within the water shape.” 

The opening reception will be held on July 13. For more information, see the gallery’s calendar on its webpage.


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