The Brownville Bridge, which spans the Missouri River, is a popular motif for painters.

More than 100 artists converge on the Nebraska town of Brownville in October for Paint Brownville, and the event’s tagline is intriguing…

“It’s a sweet, slow season to get inspired…” read the posters for all the Paint Brownville events going back to 2010. A look at a few of the images from past years’ events explains the sentiment. Painters depict the land near the Missouri border when summer gives way to fall, and harvests bring plenty. Fall colors keep painters on their toes.

Subject matter includes boats like this one, a historic dredge named Meriwether Lewis.

Downtown Brownville is quite paintable, from the looks of this photograph.

“The freedom to paint and mingle throughout the weekend has proven to be a successful model,” says organizer Jay Tallmon. “We share great food, great entertainment, catch up with old friends, and make new ones. Artists from all over, working in all kinds of materials, spend time together and apart painting outdoors, partying, networking, and just having a fun, productive time.”

An artist tackles architectural elements while wearing the finest in headgear.

Some of the pieces painted during last year’s Paint Brownville event

The event is part of the city of Brownville’s Old Time Autumn Festival. Read more at the event’s website.


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