Plein air painting trips - Adirondacks -
Our 2019 Publisher's Invitational / Adirondacks group

Recently, a large group of adventurous painters participated in the 2019 Publisher’s Invitational, also known as summer camp for artists, in the Adirondack Mountains.

The stunning beauty of the Adirondacks

Painting Together Outdoors Throughout the Area

Sandra Hildreth

Kim Hoerster

Susan Nicholas Gephart
Brady Rhoads
Cynthia Rosen
Matt Borax
Mark Maserat
Leah Lopez
John MacDonald
Relaxing after an outdoor painting session

Painting at a Covered Bridge

Frances Pampayen

More Goings-On

Posing together after lunch before heading out to paint again
The Rhoads kids help with opening orientation
The local paper mentioned our event… the publisher’s Invitational from PleinAir magazine!
Kim Herster’s collection of art patches

Time to Relax with Conversation and More

Arriving for a party
Swede and Artie Lowe

Everyone was invited to ask questions during a live recording of the PleinAir Podcast
We even spent a little time painting portraits to mix it up
Our paintings, halfway though the week

Until next time!

The Publisher himself, Eric Rhoads 🙂

If you missed out on this Publisher’s Invitational, don’t worry – you can join Eric Rhoads for the next one in Ghost Ranch!

2019 Painting Trips for Artists


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