Ertelt's setup and the intriguing atmosphere along Washington's coast

Precipitation is a fact of life in Washington State, but it also means some wonderful effects due to mist, as Minnesota painter Bridget Ertelt discovered.

“There was wind and rain to contend with, but I decided I was going to paint anyway,” Ertelt says. “I had gone through the trouble of hauling all of my gear to Washington, so we set out for the coast on a windy rainy day. My friend Erin is more adventurous than me and pushed for us to explore a few different places that day which ended up being great because I would have plopped my easel down in the first place I saw. It was difficult to climb over all of the huge logs/driftwood on the beach with all of my gear, but worth the effort. I think it took me longer to set up that day than it ever has because it was raining, and I was trying too hard to keep everything dry. Finally it quit raining for two hours. Then I started another sketch, and halfway through we were caught in a downpour and soaking wet. Frozen and soaked we headed in for the evening. Best purchase of the trip was rubber rain boots from ACE hardware!”


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