This week’s PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads features special guest Debra Huse, who paints en plein air with oil. Based in Newport Beach, California, Huse discusses how her background of painting in layers with pastels helped develop her current style of art.

“I’ve been blessed with the talent of seeing and the passion for painting,” Huse says in her Artist’s Statement. “Oil is such a luscious medium. Applying lots of paint — moving it around and carving out areas is fascinating. As a contemporary plein air colorist, I strive to capture the beauty of the moment, the poetry of the atmosphere, and the notes of colorful light with the spontaneity and energy of a painter intrigued. Not painting is not an option.”

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  1. What a wealth of information. Thank you so much for sharing so many practical “rules of truth” with us, Debra Huse. Probably the most valuable is “put the paint down and leave it alone.” Great interview questions, Mr. Rhodes.


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