Morgan Weistling, “Family Traditions” 40x50, oil

If you have a preconceived notion of American Western art, you’ll likely be enlightened in new ways when you view the paintings of Morgan Weistling (, featured in the latest PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads.

Weistling, who lives in LA, is known as a western painter. His interest lies not in cowboys, but in “behind the scenes” activities, such as pioneer women and children participating in their daily activities. With a background in animation and illustration, he learned how to effectively craft a scene with multiple figures, telling “a movie story in one frame.”

When it comes to Weistling’s paintings, he says that he doesn’t worry about whether they would fall into the category of fine art. Once his idea is established, he tell us, “I’m only painting the light.” Elements that fit within the “western” time period he captures are part of what draws him to paint: “lamplight in a hazy window, worn shoes, and hand-sewn clothes.”

Listen to this PleinAir Podcast (below) to hear from Morgan Weistling himself, including some of his advice for other painters on honing drawing skills; developing fundamentals of shape, value, edges, and color; and how “our biggest problem is our own blindness.”

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  1. Please keep me on your list, would like to subscribe but the budget won’t let me yet. I am in the process of a plan to paint in the future, slowly collecting what I will need, piece by piece! Know anyone who might contribute an old instruction book or two? I will pay the postage! Makes me sound like I am in the dark ages but I love a good book.

  2. So glad I discovered the artwork of Morgan Weistling. It is very inspirational and encouraging. I’m also an artist, but have a lot to learn to be able to paint as well as this talented young man.


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