Watercolor painting, Joseph Zbukvic
Watercolor cityscape painting by Joseph Zbukvic, featured in the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads, Episode 111

Eric Rhoads interviews landscape painter Joseph Zbukvic in this week’s PleinAir Podcast.

Listen as Zbukvic shares the following:
• What can be done to increase the value of art and paintings, and how education is a part of the equation
• One of the reasons his workshops fill so quickly, and his upcoming demonstration at the Plein Air Convention & Expo
• His word of warning about the “traps” that your can fall into while trying to developing your own style
• Reflections on international cultures that have given him newfound confidence in the health of art as we know it, and the continuing evolution of watercolor

“You don’t decide to become an artist. It chooses you…I was a fortunate one to be chosen.” ~ Joseph Zbukvic

Bonus: This week’s PleinAir Podcast includes a Marketing Minute!
You’ll learn:
• Where you should advertise your art when you’re ready to start selling it
• A quick overview of the complicated subject of “branding” and how it affects selling your art to the right buyers

Listen to the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads and Joseph Zbukvic here:

Learn from Joseph Zbukvic in person at the 8th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo, also featuring Suzie Greer Baker, Stefan Baumann, and many more!

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