Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA)

From the organizers of the 24th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational, held earlier this month:

What an amazing nine days as the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA) and our Laguna Beach Community stood together supporting one another and celebrating the plein air legacy. Together we continue to keep LPAPA strong!

This year we presented our 24th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational at our Invitational home, the Festival of Arts in the heart of Laguna’s arts district. LPAPA continues to be excited and grateful for the overwhelming support.

LPAPA’s mission, as a nonprofit art organization, is dedicated to preserving the area’s rich artistic legacy established by these early plein air artists – whom we honor today with our mission and dedication to the plein air painting tradition in Laguna Beach, across the nation, and around the world.

This year 30 of the top plein air artists from across the United States along with our very first international artist from Great Britain joined us. We were thrilled to welcome our invited artists and guests for our in-person outdoor events. In addition, with the new technology we’ve embraced, we were able to include virtual access along with our live events, providing opportunities for art lovers near and far.

Invitational Events included the Quick Draw Competition, a Nocturne event, Plein Talks – Live with Artists and Experts, and it was all capped off with a unique and very entertaining Gala Art Show and Sale. Over $54,000 in cash and prizes was awarded to the artists, with the top prize being the highly coveted $10,000 “Best in Show,” awarded to Jeff Sewell. The Best in Show judges were John Cosby, Signature Artist and Founding Member of LPAPA; Celeste Gilles, Vice President of LPAPA; and Julie Perlin Lee, Laguna Art Museum Executive Director.

“The Tides Abide” by Jeff Sewell (18 x 14 oil) Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA)
“The Tides Abide” by Jeff Sewell (18 x 14 oil)

This year’s PleinAir Magazine Award was won by Aaron Schuerr for his painting “Keyhole Panorama” with the Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Award going to artist Kathleen B. Hudson for her painting “Alta Laguna Sunset.”

“Keyhole Panorama” by Aaron Schuerr (12×24 pastel)
“Keyhole Panorama” by Aaron Schuerr (12×24 pastel)
“Alta Laguna Sunset” by Kathleen B Hudson (12×24 oil)
“Alta Laguna Sunset” by Kathleen B Hudson (12×24 oil)

The award went to Durre Waseem for her painting “A Beautiful Afternoon” and the award went to Mark Shasha for his painting “Key to My Heart.”

“A Beautiful Afternoon” by Durre Waseem (14×18 oil)
“A Beautiful Afternoon” by Durre Waseem (14×18 oil)
“Key to My Heart” by Mark Shasha (12 x 16 oil)
“Key to My Heart” by Mark Shasha (12 x 16 oil)

LPAPA’s Signature Artist, Jim McVicker, was recognized with LPAPA’s 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary body of work and the contributions he has made to the art community and LPAPA. Longtime friends and supporters of LPAPA, Cheryl & Mike Kinsman, were acknowledged for their support and commitment to the arts with the 2022 LPAPA Lifetime Member Award.

Participating Artists: Geoff Allen – Rebecca Arguello – Richard Boyer – Rick J Delanty – Mark Fehlman – Danny Griego – Catherine Hillis – Kathleen B. Hudson – Debra Huse – Ryan Jensen – Krentz Johnson – Calvin Liang – Tiffanie Mang – Daniel Marshall – David Marty – Judd Mercer – Terry Miura – Michael Obermeyer – Anthony Salvo – David Savellano – Aaron Schuerr – Jeff Sewell – Mark Shasha – Michael Situ – Lisa Skelly – Haidee Jo Summers – Brenda Swenson – Jove Wang – Durre Waseem – Wendy Wirth

Award Winners:
Best in Show – “The Tides Abide” by Jeff Sewell (18 x 14 oil)
Award of Excellence – “Take the Ocean Path” by Geoff Allen (12×12 watercolor)
The Laguna Art Museum/Bob Braun Presentation Award – “Beside the Point” by Judd Mercer (16 x 20 oil)
The Jean Stern Distinctive Merit 2022 Legacy Award – “Cooling Off” by Durre Waseem (16×20 oil)
Greg LaRock Legacy Award – “Canyon Lights” by Debra Huse (11×14 oil)
American Art Collector Award – “Tops of the World” by Rebecca Arguello (12×16 oil)
PleinAir Magazine Award – “Keyhole Panorama” by Aaron Schuerr (12×24 pastel)
Fine Art Connoisseur Award – “Alta Laguna Sunset” by Kathleen B Hudson (12×24 oil)
Southwest Art Quick Draw Award – “Diver’s Cove Overlook” by Aaron Schuerr (9×12 pastel)
LPAPA’s 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award – Jim McVicker
LPAPA’s 2022 Lifetime Member Award – Cheryl and Mike Kinsman
Revelite/Lyn Burke Memorial Award – “Main Attraction” by Mark Shasha (18×24 oil)
Kinsman Family Foundation Awards – “Crescent Bay Lights” by Rebecca Arguello (11×14 oil), “Ice Cream Shop” by Richard Boyer (12 x 14 oil), and “Afternoon in Los Rios” (9 x 12 oil)
The Irvine Museum Award – “California Dreaming” by Mark Fehlman (12×24 oil)
The Hilbert Museum Award – “Heading Home” by Michael Obermeyer (12×16 oil)
UCI Langson IMCA Art Award – “Capistrano Lily Pads” by David Marty (16 x 20 oil)
Artistic Palette Award – “Back Bay Morning” by David Savellano (14×20 watercolor)
Architectural Award – “The Shell Shack” by Haidee Jo Summers (14×18 oil) Award – “A Beautiful Afternoon” by Durre Waseem (14×18 oil) Award – “Key to My Heart” by Mark Shasha (12 x 16 oil)
Revelite Award – “Bowling Shade” by Daniel Marshall (9 x 12 watercolor)
Directors’ Award – “Heading Home” by Michael Obermeyer (12×16 oil)
Artists’ Choice Award – Jove Wang
Collectors’ Choice Award – Jeff Sewell

Plein Air Project Next Generation Awards
1st Place – “Sunny Memory” by Xochiti Leal (9 x 12 oil)
2nd Place – “Heisler Park View” by Taryn Chong (9 x 12 gouache)
3rd Place – “Pine Over Heisler Park” by Chapman Hamborg (9 x 12 oil)
Honorable Mention – “Neutral Day” by Vivian Kansriddle (9 x 12 oil)

LPAPA is grateful to all of its sponsors, partners, art patrons, and supporters who made this year’s Invitational possible. In particular, the City and Lodging Establishments of Laguna Beach, The Boseker Family, SeaWind Properties, Kinsman & Kinsman, Joe Hanks Van Cleave Foundation for the Arts, the Festival of Arts Foundation, Stifel | Hansen/Pierce Wealth Management, The Pack Family, Mark Porterfield, The Irvine Museum, UCI-IMCA, The Hilbert Museum, The Laguna Art Museum, PleinAir Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur,, Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector, and LPAPA’s members, donors, and collectors.

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