Devin Roberts, “Eulogy,” oil, 24 x 30 inches (First Place, Overall)

Did you or your friends win?  The recent winners of the PleinAir Salon, selected by world-renowned watercolorist Thomas W. Schaller, have been revealed!  Find out here who took home awards and is in the running for the $15,000 Grand Prize.

The 7th annual PleinAir Salon is up and running in 2017 with hundreds of brilliant paintings flooding the competition.  Inspired by the French Salon created by the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the PleinAir Salon has six bi-monthly cycles leading to the annual Grand Prize winners.

Alan Wylie, “Shop Boss,” oil, 22 x 23 inches (Second Place, Overall)

For the June/July 2017 cycle, renowned watercolorist Thomas W. Schaller had the tough task of choosing winners and his selections have just been revealed.  Artist Devin Roberts was the First Place Overall winner for his painting “Eulogy”, earning him $1000.  Artist Alan Wylie’s “Shop Boss” was the Second Place Overall winner while Carole Rafferty’s “Presidio San Francisco” rounded out the top three paintings overall.

Carole Rafferty, “Presidio San Francisco,” oil, 40 x 60 inches (Third Place, Overall)

Nyle Gordon was also the recipient of Best Plein Air Work for his painting “Kruger’s Barn”.  Debra Nadelhoffer took home the Best Building in a Landscape award for “The Crossing” and Nicholas Coleman’s “At Dusk” was deemed the Best Vehicle.  Other winners are listed via image below:

Nyle Gordon, “Kruger’s Barn,” oil, 16 x 30 inches (Best Plein Air Work)
Debra Nadelhoffer, “The Crossing,” oil, 11 x 14 inches (Best Building in a Landscape)
Nicholas Coleman, “At Dusk,” oil, 36 x 72 inches (Best Vehicle)
Richard Sparks, “Quiet Moment,” watercolor, 20 x 27 inches (Best Figure in Landscape)
Jerry Markham, “Caught in the Act,” oil, 38 x 46 inches (Best Animals and Birds)
George Shipperley, “The White Vase,” oil pastel, 10 x 8 inches (Best Floral)
George Shipperley, “Forest Encounter II,” oil pastel, 28 x 28 inches (Best Landscape)
Brent Cotton, “Embers of Twilight,” oil, 40 x 60 inches (Best Nocturne)
Heather Gibson, “Inner Tubes,” oil, 36 x 18 inches (Best Outdoor Still Life)
Zhou Tianya, “Mountain Stream,” watercolor, 22 x 30 inches (Best Water in Landscape)
John McCartin, “An Australian Icon,” charcoal, 18 x 14 inches (Best Sketchbook)
Lyn Boyer, “Last One Up,” oil, 18 x 24 inches (Best Western)
William Blake, “Reenactress,” oil, 44 x 78 inches (Best Student)
Melanie Thompson, “Storm Over the Blues,” oil, 12 x 16 inches (Best Artist Under 30)
William Schneider, “On the Road to Mandalay,” oil, 24 x 18 inches (Best Artist Over 65)
Kathie Odom, “The Slatbacks,” oil, 10 x 16 inches (Best Oil)
Rick Delanty, “Sunburst,” acrylic, 24 x 24 inches (Best Acrylic)
Janet Cook, “My Disappearing Mother,” soft pastel, 20 x 15 inches (Best Overall Pastel)
Francesco Fontana, “Shopping,” watercolor, 11 x 14 inches (Best Overall Watercolor)

To learn more or enter into the August/September competition, judged by proclaimed artist David Leffel, visit the PleinAir Salon.

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