A group of painters gathered to watch Marcelo Romani Borges de Araujo paint the scene.

Brazilian painter Marcelo Romani Borges de Araujo agreed to share with our readers some photos of a painting in its various stages, and a brief description of his process for each stage. 

 Marcelo paints outdoors in acrylic, usually on a large scale. Here’s his take on a river scene.

“The first step is choosing a vantage point from which to paint,” he says. “I chose this place for the composition because I liked the vertical trees in contrast with the lines of the river.”

“I start work by marking with complementary colors, seeking the cool tones of the third plane and the warm foreground,” says Marcelo. “This forms the design.”

“Next I begin defining the masses — working on the shadow creates contrast and form,” says the artist. “The third plane is already composed; now is the important phase in which I choose the focus in the foreground.”

 “The composition is being finalized,” Marcelo explains. “I removed some trees from the foreground to create harmony. Artistic freedom!”

“Now I take more care to define the shade of the trees, the trunks, and the leaves, reinforcing the angle of the light and creating the atmosphere of the place,” he says.

“The final touches have to do with the quality of the light in the shade,” says Marcelo. 



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