pastel painting outdoors - tips for artists - Jill Stefani Wagner
In my happy place at my last 2022 plein air festival of the season, Bluff Strokes in Dubuque, Iowa

“Over time I have realized that doing what scares me most is the best, and probably ONLY way for me to improve,” said Jill Stefani Wagner. “Intimidating risks helped me expand my boundaries a bit further and add new skills and techniques that enhance my artwork. And I learned to accept the convoluted process I personally need to go through to finally say ‘YES!’ to new opportunities.

“Almost every time I took a chance at doing something that seemed outside of my capabilities, good things happened.”

Pastel materials
From Jill Stefani Wagner’s 2022 Pastel Live demonstration for beginners

At last year’s Pastel Live, Jill Stefani Wagner shared tips to help you succeed as you begin painting with pastels. She included some of the history of the medium, an overview of the materials you can use, and why pastelists could probably get away with any crime (don’t worry – it’s just an inside joke!).

Join her again this coming August as she shares new techniques for painting with pastels at the 3rd Annual Pastel Live ~ August 17-19, 2023, with Essential Techniques Day on August 16!


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