For the past six years, a group of plein air painters has been gathering every February, and according to Richie Vios, “We can’t get enough of it.”

Here’s a photo essay from Richie on their most recent trip, to Big Bend National Park in Texas:

Rattlesnake gang plein air painters

Above: Richie Vios, Richard Sneary, and the Rattlesnake Gang plein air painting on the top of Boquillas Canyon overlooking the Rio Grand River separating Mexico and the United States.

Painting en plein air in the desert

Above: Richie Vios plein air painting on one of the most visited attractions at Big bend National Park: Santa Elena Canyon. “It was quite cool that morning, but when you reach high noon, it’s necessary to grab sunblock and an umbrella.”

Watercolor painting of a canyon

Above: “San Elena Canyon,” watercolor, plein air at Big Bend National Park, Texas, by Richie Vios

Rattlesnake Gang plein air painters

Above: Last group picture before everyone says goodbye and hits the road back home. It’s a beautiful feeling to paint with friends and no pressure, and to enjoy the majestic, divine panoramic view of Big Bend.

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