The homepage of Daily Paintworks

An oil painting for $65? This website raises eyebrows among working artists for a number of reasons.

Daily Paintworks (DPW) allows artists to sell their work for any price directly, through eBay, or through the site. DPW charges artists $12.95 per month, and they can use eBay or PayPal, or sell via the site, with no commission charged.

Most of the pieces are small, from 5 x 5 to 9 x 12 inches, and the media choice is diverse, from oil to charcoal. Some notable names on the plein air circuit post there.

“We make it easy for you to search through our over 80,000 paintings,” says the website. “And with over 1,000 artists and 170 new paintings every day, there is always something new to discover.” The work offered varies in quality, but DPW seems to showcase small studies and experiments, not discarded mistakes. The website also offers tutorials, many with video, with prices ranging from free to $15. It seems that DPW is a way to get one’s name out in the marketplace.


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