The simple hand-over-hand approach to recapture the windblown paper towels didn’t work.

We’ve all been there — paper towels or paint rags take to the wind, and we’re chasing after them, frantically.

It may not be our most composed moment, but failure to catch the renegade rags would litter the environment and compromise the painting process. Janet Marie Yeats of Northville, New York, shared these two photos of an artist friend momentarily getting the best of the windblown paper towels, and then eventually succumbing to a mummy wrap of thin, disposable textile.

So the artist spun like a top, and served as a spindle for the unraveled rags.

The artist decided that trying to wrangle the paper towels with her hands wasn’t working, so she spun around to gather the roll around her. Artist 1, Wind 0.


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