Watch: California Art Club Honors Eric Rhoads

The California Art Club (CAC) recently awarded Eric Rhoads with the William and Julia Bracken Wendt Award at the CAC’s 2020 Holiday Party, which was live-streamed on Sunday, December 6. “We were thrilled to present Eric with this award,” said CAC representative Beverly Chang.

More from the organizers:

The William and Julia Bracken Wendt Award was named after two of the most instrumental figures in California art history. In 1909, the husband-and-wife team of painter William Wendt and sculptor Julia Bracken Wendt helped co-found the California Art Club to include the most prominent local artists of that period, subsequently shaping Southern California’s cultural identity and bolstering the reputation for the California Art Club among top artists and patrons. Due to the vision and administrative skills of the Wendts, the California Art Club quickly gained professional alliances with important institutions, community leaders, and other artists throughout the country.

Previous recipients of this award have included: Richard Lindenberg, Joan Irvine Smith, Jean Stern, John Geraghty, Richard Lack, Karl Dempwolf, Patricia Trenton, Sheryl Smithson, William Stout, Jack Walker, Donald Baker, Michael Zakian, Chuck Kovacic, Gayle Garner Roski, Jack McQueen, Jim Rea, John Cosby, Keith Renken, Michael Pearce, and James Irvine Swinden.

Peter and Elaine Adams presenting the CAC award
Peter and Elaine Adams presented the award during the CAC Holiday Party via Zoom this year.

Eric Rhoads was selected for this honor because of the innovative art educational opportunities provided by Streamline Publishing, which have allowed artists to refine their techniques and skills, while also learning tools for furthering and enhancing their careers. We also recognize that through this process, Eric has helped to dramatically expanded the interest in and appreciation of traditional art forms among both artists and collectors.

Watch as Eric Rhoads Accepts the California Art Club’s 2020 William and Julia Bracken Wendt Award:

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  1. Congratulations Eric! You and your team have indeed done a man epic job this year. The California art club shows very well in honoring you. Although I have not watched every day, I have been there a great deal to watch your daily videos. All the events you produce have touched so many lives and it will radiate on through those lives in their art and the way they live their lives. I especially enjoy Sunday coffee. That is an especially personal blessing for me. I will be watching and Occasionally participating when I can. Congratulations again.


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