15 of the Most Influential Landscape Artists on Instagram

We can’t get enough of these amazing artists on Instagram! Each of the following landscape painters are among the most followed, are reader favorites, and/or are just artists we love to watch in our Instagram feed.

Listed in alphabetical order, simply click on their handles to see more from these artists on Instagram, and check with the artist directly to find out the availability of their paintings.

15 Top Artists on Instagram

1. Anna Rose Bain

Anna Rose Bain - Artists on Instagram
“Today was gorgeous. And I’m soooo glad I brought bug spray.”

Handle: @annarose_artist

From: Born in Mauston, Wisconsin, currently lives in Arvada, Colorado (b. 1985)

About: Award-winning oil painter Anna Rose Bain is known for her figurative works, floral paintings, and portraits of children, but after settling in Colorado in 2015, she began to cultivate her love for nature and the great outdoors by combining hiking and plein air painting. Anna shares her passion for art with her two young children and hopes to inspire fellow artist mothers to pursue their dreams, as well as to nurture the next generation of artists and art lovers.

Favorite Place to Paint: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Favorite Medium: Oil


2. Chuck Black

Artists on Instagram - Chuck Black
“Closing in on the fun part 🦌
I’m touching up a few details as I go. Things seem to begin to pop out at me as the canvas is more and more filled in.”

Handle: @chuckblackart

From: Bozeman, Montana (b. 1986)

About: “I’m most passionate about wildlife and the outdoors and art is just the way I’ve found I can express that. I want to capture the memories and experiences I have while in the wild and connect with those who share a similar love.”

Favorite Place to Paint: “Put me in front of any small mountain lake and you’ll find me at my favorite spot to paint.”

Favorite Medium: Oil


3. Brian Blood

Brian Blood, "Afternoon at Carmel Beach," 11x14, oil
Brian Blood, “Afternoon at Carmel Beach,” 11×14, oil

Handle: @bbfineart2

From: Born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, lived in Boston and San Francisco, and now based in Pebble Beach, California (b. 1961)

About: “I’ve been a professional artist for the past 40 years creating oil paintings of the world around me.”

Favorite Place to Paint: California, Europe and his studio

Favorite Medium: Oil and pastel


4. Josh Clare

Artists on Instagram - Josh Clare
“He moved. 😂 And painting from life is such a joy.”

Handle: @jclareart

From: Paradise, Utah (b. 1982)

About: Josh is a painter’s painter. Known for his fearless brushwork and truthful color, Josh’s work can be found in museums and private collections throughout the world.

Favorite Place to Paint: His backyard

Favorite Medium: Oil


5. Michelle Dunaway

Plein air painting in Venice
“Painting in Venice, Italy at John Singer Sargent’s favorite church (and mine, too).”

Handle: @dunawayfineart

From: Albuquerque, New Mexico (b. 1972)

About: Michelle Dunaway is an American artist whose paintings are revered for their bold, yet sensitive portrayal of life around us. Her work has been featured in international exhibitions and publications and she has won numerous awards for her portraiture. She has a passion for traveling abroad and painting the places and people of various regions. Her work hangs in private collections throughout North America and Europe.

Favorite Place to Paint: Alaska, Jerusalem, Italy, and Scotland; “It’s hard to pick a favorite!”

Favorite Medium: Oil


6. Jane Hunt

Plein air painting by Jane Hunt
Plein air painting by Jane Hunt

Handle: @janehuntart

From: Originally from Derbyshire, England, now residing in Colorado (b. 1970)

About: A sought-after instructor, Jane holds the distinction of receiving the most annual Oil Painters of America awards (5 in 2018) as well as the most annual Plein Air Salon wins (8 in 2020).

Favorite Place to Paint: Kauai, Hawaii

Favorite Medium: Water Mixable Oils (the Winsor & Newton Artisan line)


7. Christine Lashley

Plein air landscape painting - Christine Lashley
“On the easel now. Oil, 40 x 30 in.”

Handle: @christinelashleyart

From: San Francisco, California (b. 1967)

About: Christine is an American artist known for her colorful and dramatic oils. Her love of travel and varied terrain has her painting cities, mountains, and seascapes. Recent awards include the Bold Brush Award; Top 5 Annual Plein Air Salon (2020, 2021); Best of Show at Telluride Plein Air; and Bath County Plein Air.

Favorite Place to Paint: “I love to paint variety and chaotic scenes, so I have no favorite – anything is a potential subject as long as there is drama and complexity.”

Favorite Medium: “Oil is my main media; however I often work in watercolor and gouache for sketches and quick plein air work.”


8. Heather Ihn Martin

Heather Ihn Martin, "Roses and Sky," oil, 12 x 24 in.
Heather Ihn Martin, “Roses and Sky,” oil, 12 x 24 in.

Handle: @heatherihnart

From: Born in Seoul, South Korea; Currently lives in Concord, California (b. 1983)

About: Heather Ihn Martin is a prolific artist that enjoys capturing the places and things around her in oils and gouache. A deep curiosity and love for problem-solving and exploration fuels her passion.

Favorite Place to Paint: “One place that comes to mind is Heather Farm Park. The garden changes every day, and always offers something new and exciting.”

Favorite Medium: “The challenge is deciding between oil paints and gouache, my two favorite media.”


9. Jennifer McChristian

Jennifer McChristian
🎨 Recent plein air efforts 🎨
I’ve been meaning to paint this charming Spanish-baroque style building (aka the Masonic Lodge) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for quite some time now.
I avoided setting up anywhere near the building because of it’s proximity to the expansive peacock pen. The cemetery is home to over 50 peacocks and if you know what they sound like then you would understand my reticence to paint nearby. But in spite of this I finally decided to not let this building go unpainted and was willing to put up with the peacocks’ histrionics. Much to my surprise their ceaseless squawking had a meditative and calming effect on me. Perhaps it was the new brand of espresso I had tried that morning which made me giddy and indifferent to their cacophonous sounds. In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed painting this small field study in the glorious late afternoon sunshine. Thank you peacocks! 🦚💕🙏🏽
‘Entrance to Eternity‘ (oil on panel, 9×7 inches)

Handle: @jennifermcchristian

From: Montreal, Canada (b. 1967)

About: Award-winning artist Jennifer McChristian enjoys creating plein air paintings of both rural landscapes and urban cityscapes and teaches local and international workshops en plein air. She also loves painting studio pieces where she can explore reference materials from her varied travels in greater detail on larger canvases.

Favorite Place to Paint: The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Favorite Medium: Oil


10. Lori Putnam

Artists on Instagram - Lori Putnam
“Spring in Tennessee is amazingly beautiful. This is my back yard, Tennessee Dogwood trees are blooming. Everything is super green right now. I painted this in the studio using the sketch I did outdoors and looking out off the deck every now and then to answer any questions in my mind. This is 24×30 oil on linen.”

Handle: @loriputnamart

From: Nashville, Tennessee (b. 1962)

About: Lori Putnam’s paintings are about color relationships, patterns, and rhythms, without regard to specific subject matter. Up close, her work is a puzzle of abstract marks that only reveal its subject when viewed from a distance.

Favorite Place to Paint: “Literally, wherever I am at the moment.”

Favorite Medium: Primarily in oil, both in plein air and in the studio


11. Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott - Artists on Instagram
“Plein air workshop, day two and the clouds rolled in.”

Handle: @hillaryscott_fineart

From: Groveland, Massachusetts (b. 1979)

About: “I consider myself a tonalist painter and am fascinated by light and atmosphere. I am inspired by the beautiful New England landscape.”

Favorite Place to Paint: The marshes of Newbury, Massachusetts

Favorite Medium: Oil


12. Haidee-Jo Summers

Artists on Instagram - Haidee Jo Summers
“‘Cutting flowers’ a recent studio painting set in my friend Kate’s magical garden. Sold, with many thanks to @haynesfineart and the collector 🙏❤️”

Handle: @haideejosummers

From: Lincolnshire, England (b. 1971)

About: Haidee-Jo Summers is an English painter, and member of the Royal Institute of Oil painters and Royal Society of Marine Artists. “I really enjoy the inspiration and community I’ve found on Instagram. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with friends all over the world.”

Favorite Place to Paint: An English country garden in early summer

Favorite Medium: Oil


13. Hsin-Yao Tseng

Hsin-Yao Tseng, "Sunset Reflections on Park Ave. NYC," 2020, oil on panel, 14 x 14 in.
Hsin-Yao Tseng, “Sunset Reflections on Park Ave. NYC,” 2020, oil on panel, 14 x 14 in.

Handle: @hsinyaotseng

From: Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Now working and living in San Francisco, California (b. 1986)

About: “I paint in a Romantic, expressive manner that honors the Western tradition while signaling an edgy, contemporary complexity. I have a curiosity and an energy that propel me toward experimentation and innovation; accordingly, I work in a range of genres: from lush evocations of cityscapes to expressive portraits, and finally to lustrous interiors and exteriors in which multiple figures enact a story.”

Favorite Place to Paint: Pescadero Beach, California

Favorite Medium: Oil


14. Eva Volf

Eva Volf, plein air painting
Eva Volf, plein air painting

Handle: @eva.volf

From: Aurora, Ohio (b. 1983)

About: Eva Volf is an award-winning fine artist best known for peaceful atmospheric seascapes. Conceptualized at the source, each seascape is sketched at the beach to capture the vision before completion in her studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

Favorite Place to Paint: “My favorite places to paint on location are on the beach in Indian Shores, The Gulf of Mexico, and Cape Hatteras, the Outer Banks, North Carolina.”

Favorite Medium: Oil on canvas


15. Joseph Zbukvic

Artists on Instagram - Joseph Zbukvic
“Closer to home, plein air from recent trip to Mansfield.”

Handle: @josephzbukvic

From: Melbourne, Australia

About: “I see many comments made about my work, however mostly people are unaware that most of my works are actually painted plein air. While the immediacy and intimacy of observing the subject first hand can never be repeated in the studio, that is the energy which I believe permeates through all my paintings. I have been painting professionally for over forty years now, and my life has gone through as many changes as has the world around me, but I must say that my love of painting remains as strong as it was when I was a young man. I could not imagine my life without it.”

Favorite Place to Paint: “My favorite spots are all within short distances from my studio. Melbourne is blessed with historical buildings, boats, and beaches and a beautiful countryside very close to the city, which in itself provides a plethora of subjects.

Favorite Medium: Watercolor


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