Marguerite Meyer found a choice spot to paint amid wildflowers and mountains in the area around Crested Butte in Western Colorado.

The images and descriptions from Plein Air Artists Colorado’s recent event at Crested Butte are a jaw-dropping reminder that the Centennial State has some of the best scenery in America. The subject matter varied from wildflowers to majestic mountains.


Don Sahli taught two half-day workshops as part of the proceedings.

Seventy artists from PAAC spread out over a 15-mile radius during a recent paint-out in the Crested Butte area, a location noted for its fields of flowers, alpine meadows, and the craggy peaks of the Elk Mountains, part of the Rockies. Their work resulted in a one-night exhibition of wet paintings at Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery in Crested Butte.


Good painting opportunities were in every direction, thanks to a wet late spring that yielded bountiful wildflowers.


Cliff Austin had a nice painting going at Lake Irwin.

PAAC Master Signature Member Don Sahli offered two half-day workshops to participants. The paint-out also included visits to Gothic, a ghost town, and to Emerald Lake. “The aptly named Emerald Lake brought out the phthalo in all of us,” jokes Holly Kernes, painter and board member of PAAC.


The crowd peruses the “wet wall” at Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery, in Crested Butte, Colorado.


Rita Cirillo progresses on her plein air piece.

PAAC has 300 members from all over the United States. Learn more about the organization at its website.



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