Belov’s Pinterest map

Daniil Belov found an engaging way to show his work and the places he’s painted: with a Pinterest map.

When the viewer mouses over a spot marked on Belov’s map, his painting pops up. Belov says he thinks others may want to use this feature to spotlight their work, and he envisions a common map where viewers can see paintings from various artists painted across the world.

“When I heard about the new feature on Pinterest, I thought that I could now pin the places I visited, like an explorer from old adventure movie,” says the Russian artist. “I wanted to figure out if I’d seen many amazing places by my own eyes, to compare the amount of places I’ve already visited with the world still awaiting me. I like to fill the map of the world with the landscapes. While I am looking it’s like I am standing there again and painting, feeling the sun and the wind, experiencing the interesting incidents. Besides, it’s interesting to show the map to other people, to hear the reaction of those who live or were at the place I’ve painted.

“Baltic Sea Coast,” by Daniil Belov, 2008, oil, 20 x 29 1/2 in. Private collection

“And when I look at the artworks of other painters, I want to get to know the place depicted in the painting, where it is. So, not surprisingly, the next thing I made was a map for all landscape painters in the world. I think it will be great to create a giant map of the world, where we will be able to search how the place looks in colors, to see how different people perceive the same place, to ask the plein air painters who already were there for the tips. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to communicate with other painters and to show your artwork to the world.”

Belov says he is eager for other artists to participate in the Pinterest map. One can envision a comprehensive map where collectors can find a spot and choose their favorite depiction.


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