Plein air sunset quick studies by Jeremy Mann
Plein air sunset quick studies by Jeremy Mann

“A wonderful study of changing harmonies and fleeting moments comes from a quick five-minute plein air thumbnails of the sunset,” says Jeremy Mann.

“Consider pushing yourself as a way to lessen the attention you spend on what’s before you. Perhaps you just need a warm-up or quick visit to nature, as a way to focus on simply the ‘feeling’ of the scene you are ‘in.’

With a photograph, you work from ‘outside,’ and doing so only encourages the viewer to also experience your painting from outside. In nature, you are immersed in it—you feel nature from within, and if you paint in nature, the viewer will be absorbed in your work, and join you there.”

Plein air study
Plein air study (Lake Tahoe, CA), by Jeremy Mann

The above quote is from our sister site, RealismToday, in an article by Jeremy Mann titled “The Painter’s Reference”

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