picture of artist Cindy Briggs holding her painting
Plein Air Painting in Camogli, Italy, 2019, Cindy Briggs Watercolor Sketchbook

How did you develop your unique style?
Cindy Briggs: My style has evolved through various life experiences, travel, workshops, simply painting, and painting more.

From a family of artists, I learned early on to paint what inspires me. I earned a degree in Design, then worked as an art director for 15 years. This experience impressed the importance of color, composition and the power of light. Through teaching, I’ve discovered, artistic style naturally emerges into something uniquely beautiful for each artist.

My watercolors are infused with my point-of-view and sense of peace. I use continuous contour line drawing, to capture my subjects with flowing, organic lines. My paintings have depth, drama and form because I focus on the importance of values. Exploring color harmony opens my eyes to possibilities. Most of all, I use this mingling luminous medium to paint what captures my heart.

After painting en plein air for over 25 years, I’ve discovered how each painting experience becomes a meaningful chapter of your story. You take in the scenery with all of your senses, feel the scene, and it will show up in your painting. Whether creating a “Quick Sketch” travel watercolor or a finessed fine art studio painting, my work shares my creative journey.

To see more of Cindy’s work, visit: www.CindyBriggs.com

watercolor painting of fishing boats
Cindy Briggs, Coullioure Fishing Boats, 2021, Cindy Briggs Watercolor
watercolor of a narrow outside entrance of a house in Roussillon
Cindy Briggs, At Home in Roussillon, 2021, Cindy Briggs Watercolor


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