Photo of a female artist painting on a bluff by the ocean
Mary McIntosh at her easel painting at Pt. Lobo on the California coast in 2018. “One of my painting partners took this photo of me. I wasn't that close to the edge of the bluff, but she kept saying step back closer to the edge...I can get a better picture! Ha! What a friend!”
Pastel painting of large waves in the ocean
Mary McIntosh, “Stormy Sea,” 11 x 14 in., pastel, 2021

How did you get started and then develop your career?

Mary McIntosh: After retirement in the film industry as a Set Decorator for some 42 years on the west coast, I was able to return to my first love of drawing and painting. And because I started late in my career… I paint almost every day and love every minute of it!

How do you describe success?

Success for me is first of all the pleasure and satisfaction I get when working at my easel. Finishing a piece that I feel good about, choosing how to show it and then hanging in one of 3 galleries to share my visions.

How do you find inspiration?

I continue to take classes and workshops from artists whose work I find inspiring. I remain active in the local art communities by teaching and doing demos. Inspiration for my painting is really everywhere… I love landscapes, especially traveling here and abroad or simple backyard observations. I also do animal portraits because I am such an animal lover, too… domestic and wild (Africa).

Who do you collect?

I collect several artists that I greatly admire…Kathryn Stats, T Allen Lawson, Peter Blackwell (African artist) and Ray Balkwill (UK artist).

Pastel painting of a snowy mountain creek with willows
Mary McIntosh, “Willow Creek Revisited,” 16 x 20 in., pastel, 2020
Pastel painting of a waterfall
Mary McIntosh, “Texas Hill Country Waterfall,” 14 x 18 in, pastel, 2019
Pastel painting of a pasture with an unfinished fence
Mary McIntosh, “An Unfinished Job,” 11 x 14 in., pastel, 2019
Pastel painting of a swimming hole with trees in the background
Mary McIntosh, “Favorite Swimming Hole,” 14 x 18 in., pastel, 2018

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