artist posing with his most recent painting propped on an easel
Qiang with his recent waterlily painting

What is the most interesting thing you have painted and why?
Qiang Huang: Waterlily is the most interesting thing I have ever painted. It offers vast amount of flexibility to represent this subject matter and gives the artist the utmost freedom for creativity. Waterlilies have relaxed the accuracy requirement on size, perspective, proportion, local color, and shapes, so I can fully concentrate on the geometrical composition, texture variation, and color design without worrying my painting going too abstract and leave the representational paradigm.

The reflections in the water provide mainly the vertical rhythmic structures while the lily pads generate most the horizontal resonance. These two-dimensional periodic patterns interweave together and created endless opportunities for artists to compose astonishing spatial music. I got hooked immediately after I did my first waterlily painting, and it explains why Claude Monet did not touch other subject matters after he started painting waterlilies.

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painting of water lilies at ground level
Qiang Huang, “Clear Cool Water”, awards winning plein air waterlily painting during EPAT competition
Painting of water lilies; some colorful, at ground level
Qiang Huang, “Music of Colors”, Rhythms and melody on a waterlily pond


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