Featured Artwork: Tina Bohlman

Featured Artwork: Tina Bohlman

Featured Artwork: Tina Bohlman Spring in the Valley #2 Watercolor 16 x 20 in. Dramatic light and shadow tells the story in this painting Tina Bohlman has used her...
Plein air watercolor painting - Richie Vios - OutdoorPainter.com

Becoming Texan: Watercolor En Plein Air

Watercolor artist Richie Vios (b. Philippines) shares how plein air painting has changed his life, and how he is enthusiastically “becoming Texan.”
PleinAir Art Podcast

PleinAir Podcast Episode 96: Laurie Kersey

Laurie Kersey’s work includes the dramatic coastline and quiet countryside of California through still lifes, floral, figure, and equine paintings. In this week's podcast, Kersey explains why she considers drawing to be the foundation of painting, the fact that her signature is not a stamp, and more.

Small, Vibrant Palette Knife Paintings: A Gallery of Art

Shortly after discovering palette knife paintings, this Maryland artist established a set of materials and techniques that now allow her to create intuitive responses to the color, light, and texture of the landscape.

Didn’t Win or Get In? There’s an Important Next Step

On my way home from the Chicago area recently, I got to thinking about the importance of attending an exhibition even if you have not received notification of an award or, in the case of a juried exhibition, going to the opening reception even if your work wasn’t accepted.

Left Thinking

Participating in a multi-day plein air painting event leads to growth — and many questions. At Capitola this year, I created two paintings that reached my mark of satisfaction. The other seven left me wanting much more. A few days later, I was left asking why.

The 10 Best Plein Air Sites

I was asked by the travel editor of a national publication to identify the top 10 painting locations favored by plein air artists. I immediately asked my friends on Facebook what their choices would include, and I received hundreds of recommendations.


Trees are an essential element of almost every landscape painting, and they present challenges to plain air painters who determine their shape, scale, coloration,...

Helping Art Survive Hurricane Harvey

PleinAir and Fine Art Connoisseur magazine have set up a temporary website for artists, galleries, museums, and auction houses to register and tell their stories about Hurricane Harvey. In addition, we’re offering them a chance to participate in a free ad spread that we hope will get spaces reopened and collectors buying.

Nocturnes, Sunsets & Sunrises

An increasing number of nocturnal paintings are being included in plein air competitions, in part because the artists enjoy the challenge of working in...

The Art of Plein Air Painting

PleinAir magazine Editor-in-Chief M. Stephen Doherty has authored a new book scheduled for release on September 5, 2017. Find out which artists are included and the topics considered.

OPPORTUNITY: Rich Gallego Workshop

The California City Arts Commission is very excited to be hosting accomplished plein air painter Rich Gallego for an in-depth workshop on August 19 from noon to 3 p.m.

Artists Win Big in Maryland

Artists of the 9th Annual Mountain Maryland Plein Air event weren’t the only ones winning big between June 19 and 25 as this year witnessed great weather and more than $11,000 in prizes. Who were the artists basking in glory?

Vincent Is Loved

A highlight of the opening ceremony at PACE17 in San Diego was a presentation by award-winning artist Dena Peterson, who talked about her participation in the incredible film “Loving Vincent.” The recently released film is now winning awards.

Painting California

It isn’t very shocking that, since the dawn of the 20th century, California has become home to remarkable artists from all over the United States and Europe. Centered around the California Art Club and celebrating over a century of natural landscapes, a new publication will soon be headed to your coffee table.

PleinAir Stage Fright

A welcome wind was grazing my face on a blisteringly hot summer day as I began to scout out my perfect plein air spot for the day. Most importantly, however, it was away from everyone — in a spot so remote that there was no chance anyone would walk by.

The Winning Painting That Almost Didn’t Make It

2017 PleinAir Salon Grand Prize Winner Kathleen Hudson retells the remarkable story of how her winning painting was created in this exclusive video interview. The most shocking part? It almost never happened. How?

Can Watercolors Be Varnished?

It’s a peculiar practice to varnish your plein air watercolors, since most are matted and glassed when framed. However, artist Mike Simpson has some thoughts on the process that might give you cause to pause.

Ever Wish You Could ‘Undo’ Part of a Painting?

Paintings often have two lives for Andrew Theophilopoulos, thanks to his skills as a digital artist and his love of oil painting.

EXHIBITION: Ron Donoughe’s Allegheny Mtns Paintings, in PA

Through June 10, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, in Altoona, PA, is hosting "Labor and Landscape: 100 Paintings of the Allegheny Mountain Region by Ron Donoughe.
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