Charlie Hunter at Mimms Ranch, 2016

It’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after plein air events in the country. Some could argue it’s already there. Organizers of EnPleinAirTEXAS recently revealed their competition and invited artists for 2017. Who made the list?

A star-studded lineup of world-class artists is slated to attend the 2017 EnPleinAirTEXAS event from October 21-29. Four artists were specially invited after winning prizes in 2016. They are Jason Sacran (2016 Grand Prize Winner, The Elta Joyce Murphey Award), Patrick Saunders (2016 Second Place Award Winner), Shelby Keefe (2016 Third Place Award Winner), and Jill Basham (2016 Artists Choice Award Winner).

Gregory Summers at the Mimms Ranch, 2016
Jill Basham (2016 Artists Choice Award Winner)
Lon Brauer paints at a ranch, 2016
Mary Pettis at Hayes Ranch, 2016
Richard Sneary at the 2016 Quick Draw

In addition to the 2016 award winners, the 30 competition painters for 2017 were recently revealed by event organizers. They include Zufar Bikbov, Tina Bohlman, David Boyd, Jr., Lon Brauer, Carl Bretzke, John Caggiano, Frances Ellisor, Paul George, Karen Ann Hitt, Francesco Fontana, Carole Gray-Weihman, Kathleen Hudson, Charlie Hunter, Erik Koeppel, Kirk Larsen, John Lasater, Christopher Leeper, Chuck Marshall, K T Morse, Mary Pettis, JoNell Richardson, William Rogers, Mark Shasha, Lauren Sansaricq, Richard Sneary, Gregory Stocks, Gregory Summers, William Suys, Nancy Tankersley, and Sherri Thomas. All told, these artists represent 19 states as well as Nova Scotia, Canada, and Milan, Italy.

To learn more, visit EnPleinAir Texas.



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