Susan Blubaugh has had her eye on a particular northern New Jersey cemetery for a while. Why not finish up a painting of it near Halloween? 

The view Blubaugh depicted in her oil painting “Halloween” 

“I have been looking at that very old cemetery as a subject for several years now,” says Blubaugh. “I usually work 9″-x-12″ or 11″-x-14” when painting en plein air, but I wanted to paint larger this time. I took my time, really studying, not rushing anything. Each day, the light, colors, amount of leaves on the center tree were different. I incorporated it into the work. I only called it ‘Halloween’ because of the month and subject matter.”

Blubaugh’s preliminary drawing for “Halloween”

Next, Blubaugh blocked in the house.

Blubaugh developed the painting further.

All that was left were the finishing touches.


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