Williamson Tapia’s setup at the Sedona Plein Air Festival, complete with bed risers under his chair legs to get his eye level above the railing. Photo by Kelli Klymenko

Do you keep bed risers in your car? Evidently, plein air warrior Williamson Tapia does. 

Tapia was competing in the Sedona Plein Air Festival, and he found that the vantage point he wanted had a railing running right at eye level when he sat down at his setup. His solution was to put bed risers underneath each of his chair legs. The photo of his rig is a perfect picture of a painter who has his situation completely figured out. 

Tapia worked with a fistful of paintbrushes. Photo by Kelli Klymenko

Tapia says the location was a noisy one, thus the headphones. He reports that the sign on the outside of his paint box informing passersby about the event is a usual feature in his setup as well. “I always attach something to the box to let visitors know what I’m doing,” says Tapia. “It saves time and sometimes leads to important connections and/or contacts.”


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