The California Art Club is focusing on the theme of water in its current exhibition at the Old Mill, in San Marino, California. The show is on view until September 1.

“A Beautiful Corner of the Sea,” by Ruo Li, oil, 20 x 28 in.

“Autumn Lagoon,” by Lynn Gertenbach, oil, 9 x 12 in.

According to the CAC, the exhibition “showcases nearly 60 paintings that capture quintessential summertime images of California’s sand and surf. The viewer will be taken on a virtual tour of the varied coastline along the Pacific Ocean, from the Sonoma coast and Point Lobos to Malibu and Laguna Beach.”

“Leo Carrillo Afternoon,” by Junn Roca, oil, 10 x 19 in.

“Summer Light,” by W. Jason Situ, oil, 16 x 20 in.

The title of the exhibition is “On the Water,” and featured artists include Peter Adams, Andrew Dickson, David C. Gallup, Lynn Gertenbach, Debra Huse, Jean LeGassick, Ruo Li, Richard Lindenberg, Jim McVicker, Michael Obermeyer, Robin Purcell, Junn Roca, Michael Situ, W. Jason Situ, and Brian Stewart, among others. See all of the pieces online at the CAC’s webpage about the event.


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