Darrell Hill

Shortly after the March 2013 issue of PleinAir went to press and subscribers were reading the article about collectors who treasure his paintings, we received word that Darrell Hill had passed away.

Barbara Winters in her home near one of the Darrell Hill paintings in her collection

There is nothing in Darrell Hill’s comments in the PleinAir article to suggest he was losing a battle with cancer, but that’s because he was a positive, caring, gifted person who focused on opportunities and not regrets. His hopeful attitude comes through in every page of the story about his friendships with collectors, his many contributions to his fellow artists and to art organizations, and his success in managing several businesses.

Amber Rowland’s home with part of her collection of Darrell Hill paintings

“It’s important to be organized, to advertise, and to be proactive, but artists have to keep in mind they are selling something very special that comes from their heart and touches the lives of those who acquire their work,” Darrell said in the article. “I look at marketing as an opportunity to share something I love with people who may wind up enjoying it just as much as I do.” Clearly, the collectors who own Darrell’s work will remember the artist and his love of painting. For more information, visit www.darrellhillart.com.



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