Sherri Thomas with her Triple Crown nocturne winner

For the sixth year in a row, artists from across the Midwest gathered in Fairfield, Illinois, to enjoy the Fairfield Fall Foliage Paint Out. This year had some big winners, with one talented artist pulling off a Triple Crown, receiving Best of Show, Artists’ Choice, and Best Oil.

Artist Sherri Thomas and her stunning nocturne painting were the big winners during the recent Fairfield Fall Foliage Paint Out, pulling off a Triple Crown with Best of Show, Artists’ Choice, and Best Oil honors. Spencer Meagher, another big winner, received Best Award in the “Other” category and People’s Choice with his acrylic painting “Albion Reflections.” Meagher was also awarded Best Watercolor for his painting “They Call Me Delaware.”

Spencer Meagher with Best Watercolor winner “They Call Me Delaware”
Marty Coulter with his Best of Albion painting
Lorraine McFarland with her Best Pastel painting

Juror of Awards Troy Kilgore gave additional awards to Lorraine McFarland for Best Pastel. The winner of the Quick Paint was artist Chris Willey, while the Country Life Award went to Lawrence Rudolech. The Best Amateur Artist was Diann May.

Spencer Meagher with his People’s Choice painting
Artist Chris Willey with the winner of the Quick Paint
Lawrence Rudolech (left) with the painting that won the Country Life Award

On Thursday, artists were welcomed by the residents of nearby Albion, Illinois. They spent the day introducing the community to plein air painting. Marty Coulter was chosen as the artist recipient of Best Representation of Albion. Finally, Tammie Dickerson was awarded Best Representation of Fairfield. Her painting will be featured on the 2018 commemorative poster.

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