Morning Chill
10 x 10 in.
Available through the artist

Carolyn Lindsey: Morning Chill was painted while participating in the Sedona Plein Air Festival in October. The in-person event was cancelled, but the event continued virtually with artists painting plein air from their chosen locations all across the country. An unexpected nighttime snowfall and chilly morning of 16 degrees tested my resolve to get out and paint, but the small sliver of light through the overcast sky hitting a distant mesa caught my attention. Painting in that temperature adds another layer of difficulty to the already challenging nature of plein air painting; cold hands, cold feet and stiff paint.

Trying to achieve a sense of place and time on a cold morning in Utah dictated the simplification of the landscape in front of me. The subtle color, value and temperature changes of the snow in overcast conditions was a challenge for someone who generally relies on the impact of high value contrast sunlight. But every location offers a unique problem to try and solve. At some point, I leave the subject matter and allow the painting to dictate its own ending.

I currently live in New Mexico, painting the places and people in the area, as well as traveling and painting in plein air events. You can see more of my plein air and studio work at