“Roiling Serenity” by Karen Ann Hitt

“Roiling Serenity”

Oil on linen panel

6 x 8 in.

On exhibit at Oil Painters of America 2017 Eastern Regional Exhibition Nov. 17- Dec. 16, 2017

To artist Karen Ann Hitt, Roiling Serenity represents one of the most refreshing painting locations she has ever visited.  The title, a culmination of suggestions by Karen Ann’s followers, combines two juxtaposed sensations:

Roiling: to make turbid, to move turbulently

Serenity: a quality or state of being serene.

“My paintings capture influential daily moments and the lasting effects these memories repeatedly play on our hearts and minds.  As an artist, my passion is to reflect light, life, land and expressions as genuinely experienced “At That Moment.” I paint in the hope of transporting and exposing a viewer to the very emotion that stops one in one’s tracks to experience a view.”

An epic snowmelt had led to epic rushing waters in the California Waterways.  Karen Ann painted Roiling Serenity at Yosemite National Park, just down the river from Swinging Bridge. On her Instagram page, Karen Ann has posted videos taken on location.

The goal in this painting, Karen Ann explains, was to focus on capturing the roiling, rushing water and all of its effects felt on location, with her brush in hand, while sitting with toes inches away from the rush.

“Cool air like a breeze literally rose up from the snowmelt’s rush, on what was otherwise a hot, clear, summer day.  The enormous power of the crystal clear water racing through at high levels was amazing to experience.  Many of the waterways, often busy with kayaks, rafts and inner tubes, were closed to save lives from the extreme rapids. The years of drought conditions were erased in all but one of California’s counties with this one year of record setting snowfall. Its melt was as much a record setter.”

For Karen Ann the historic significance of the conditions found during her summer travels has influenced both her plein air work and later studio painting.

“Being new to seeing many of these sights, it was a welcomed goal to attempt these challenges, as seeking to reflect them ever so humbly.”  Karen Ann took on concentrated study and research of past and present Master Painters of the Sierras to learn as much as possible.

Because of HITTing the road and still traveling, Karen Ann entered this small painting in the Oil Painters Of America Eastern Regional Exhibition instead of as a larger studio work.  “I am hugely honored to be a part of this exhibition. Lessons continually learned in the extra effort given this piece make it a very special little painting. Roiling Serenity, depicts an experience I will never forget. I hope it is transporting for a viewer, too.”

Karen Ann travels considerably to paint plein air. She finds plein air work enables and always inspires more studio work to follow. “Being outside, on location, provides invaluable color notes no photograph could capture.”

What is ahead for Karen Ann Hitt:

PAAC 21st Annual Exhibit (Plein Air Artist Colorado) 9/17 hosted at Mary Williams Fine Art Gallery in Boulder CO.

A workshop with Jill Carver in the San Juan Mountain area of CO 10/17.

The juried En Plein Air Texas Plein Air Event, San Angelo, TX10/17.

Oil Painters Of America (OPA) 2017 Eastern Regional Exhibition at Anderson Fine Art Gallery, Saint Simons Island, GA 11/17.

Representation by Barbara Hughes Fine Art Gallery, Boca Grande, FL and participating in an upcoming group exhibit 1/18 (Karen Ann’s focus will be on studio paintings).

“With it all, the journey remains the destination and priceless inspiration.”

For more information and updates, please visit www.AnOriginalHitt.com

Working Art Studio of Karen Ann Hitt

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