watercolor painting of a boat at doc. View from behind the boat with a green-blue sail, rust on the left side
Tina Bohlman, “Waitin’ for the Crew”, Watercolor, 16 x 16 in., $1600

Tina Bohlman: My favorite location for plein air is the Texas Gulf Coast…These 3 paintings were in or near the marina in Rockport, Texas. “Waitin’ for the Crew” was docked and ready to go; it only needed its crew. “My Brother’s Business”, according to the boat’s name was a family enterprise. “Redemption” appeared to no longer be in service –once again, the name of the boat caught my attention and seemed to say “paint me!”

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watercolor painting of a boat at doc, getting ready to set sail
Tina Bohlman, “My Brother’s Business”, Watercolor, 12 x16 in., $1000
watercolor painting of a rusting boat ashore, in its resting position
Tina Bohlman, “Redemption,” Watercolor, 12 x 16 in., $800