Artists painting for timed intervals on all of the paintings to be auctioned for the benefit of Access Services, a health care provider.

The first “Paint Around for a Cause” event took place at the Rich Timmons Fine Art Gallery in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 2012. Six artists from Pennsylvania and New Jersey met at the gallery to paint collaboratively for a worthy cause.


The artists who participated in this first “Paint Around for a Cause” donated their paintings to Access Services, a Bucks/Mont healthcare provider serving more than 2,000 children and adults with special needs. The paintings were auctioned at their annual fundraising event on October 27. Rob Reid, executive director of Access Services, said, “At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as the art unfolded before my very eyes, I knew that the paintings would be a big success at the auction.”

Participating artists include: Edie Wells Bristol, Carversville, PA; Dannielle Mick, Parsippany, NJ; Laurel Clark, Randolph, NJ; Laurie Kalb, Morristown, NJ; Christine Wagner, Belleview, NJ; and Diane Revels, Bernardsville, NJ.

The “paint around” involved several artists collaborating on multiple pieces of artwork. Artists worked in short, timed intervals on a canvas, then moved on to the next. A moderator determined when each piece of artwork was finished. Lead artist Dannielle Mick, from Parsippany, New Jersey, said, “The minute I heard Rich’s idea, I was in. It’s not every day that you get to paint collaboratively with a group of artists. And besides, we all had a great time, and it was for a really good cause.”


One of the spectators commented, “It was very interesting watching how each artist really tried to complement the work of the initiating artist.” The Paint Around began at 2 p.m. and ended at 5, and champagne was served at the end to celebrate. For more information, visit


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