Alex Schaefer set up at the corner of Sixth and Figueroa to paint during the Los Angeles Plein Air Festival.

Another opportunity for L.A. painters opened up when art supplies retailer Raw Materials sponsored the Los Angeles Plein Air Festival, a four-day event that wrapped up October 12. More than 100 artists participated in the inaugural edition of the festival in downtown L.A. 

John Kilduff with the painting that earned him the Grand Prize at the Los Angeles Plein Air Festival 

Shana Nys Dambrot served as the judge for the competition portion of Los Angeles Plein Air. John Kilduff won the Grand Prize, with Honorable Mention going to Alex Schaefer. Schaefer was also the recipient of the Audience Choice; Julian Rodriguez and Lupe Perez shared Honorable Mention in that category.

Carol Steinberg won the top prize in the Oil category.


John Messer and the top winner in Water Media


Dana Tinio with the piece that garnered Honorable Mention in Water Media


Alex Schaefer with the piece that earned him Honorable Mention in the overall competition

The top water media prize went to John Messer, with Honorable Mention awarded to Dana Tinio. Best Acrylic, and Honorable Mention in the same category, went to Mikolaj Wyszynski. Best Oil was won by Carol Steinberg. Kevin Spitze won Honorable Mention in Oil. Michael Ridley was the top winner in Dry Media, with Honorable Mention going to Steven Thomas Higgins. Joanna Liang won the Pen & Ink category. The top prize in Mixed Media went to Eddie de la Barca, with Clairfoster Browne winning Honorable Mention.


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