A scene from the Subaru TV commercial depicting the often perilous conditions of plein air painting

Artists are buzzing about the new Subaru car commercial that depicts the pleasures and perils of plein air painting.

In another part of the commercial, the painter ignores the incoming tide and paints on a rock being engulfed by crashing surf.

As posted by the car company on YouTube, the spot is “A portrait of the artist as a young Subaru owner. In this commercial, a surprise gift awakens a man’s passion to capture the beauty he sees from the driver’s seat of his Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Outback.”

The amusing one-minute commercial shows a man getting an easel from his wife and immediately embarking, with the help of his Subaru, on painting excursions in the middle of a pond, in the pouring rain, amid crashing surf, atop a windy mountain crag, and in a rainy wooded area, where he finds an even better composition when he looks straight up into the falling precipitation.

The spot ends with the painter looking straight up through the trees at sun breaking through rain showers … and he is inspired.

The ad is getting a lot of comments on social media, where artists are saying they can relate to the situations and to the enthusiasm of the novice artist.


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