Plein air prompts for artists -

We all know how important it is to use art as a way to express ourselves and give our minds a mini-vacation from everything else going on around us, including the coronavirus.

With many of us limited to where we can go right now, our team wanted to help you make the most of it – with art.

For the next several weeks we’re going to bring you fun prompts and invite you to create a painting or drawing inspired by it. You’ll find the prompts in our Plein Air Today newsletter, here at, and on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

The current prompt is to paint or draw your backyard. See what other artists have come up with at

When you post your inspired painting on Instagram or Facebook and tag us, you’ll have the chance to be featured in Plein Air Today, on our site, and on social media! Include #pleinairathome and @pleinairmag to participate on Instagram! If you prefer to use Facebook, tag @Plein Air Magazine on your post.

We can’t wait to see your art!

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  1. Please, oh, please don’t assume EVERYONE uses Facebook, Instagram, or any social media. Give it to us straight in your emails or publications.

  2. This has been bookmarked for a while so I don’t know if it is current. I have face book, instagram, a phone — and after all sorts of help have not been able to figure out how to paste a photo on any of them. So I don’t. I can attach an image to an email and that works for me.
    As for this subject, painting a backyard — my son is working on a painting of the building opposite his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. My studio overlooks woods behind my house in Ohio. Do paintings from a window count as plein aire, even if you work from your studio? What if I go out on my deck and paint? And out in the field once, it started to rain so I hustled back to my car to finish. Are these still plein aire or should they be called onsite paintings?
    And how are people coping with the pandemic and lock downs?

    • Hi Stuart! Feel free to send your image to us at [email protected].

      Regarding your questions, if you’re indoors painting an outdoor scene, I think that technically it might be considered “on location” at least. Plein air painting involves a certain amount of challenges with the elements of nature that painting indoors relieves. 🙂 For your field painting, that would be considered a “plein air study finished in studio.” That said, for these prompts, there’s no need to worry about the details – we just want to inspire everyone to be creating.

      Everyone is coping in their own unique ways, and our hope is that art is helping to make that easier and more enjoyable.

      Thank you, stay safe! 🙂


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