Granite Group plein air painters
From left to right; Mark Fehlman, Cleo Vilett, Kim Lordier, Terry Miura, Michele de Braganca, Bill Cone, Tia Kratter, Scott Hamill, Carol Marine, Karen (the cook), Emily (her daughter) & Paul Kratter

“We just returned from another fantastic Granite Group trip to Garnet Lake in the Eastern Sierras,” said Paul Kratter. “A great group of artist friends joined in for an epic experience.”

Paul continued, “We set out early in the morning either on foot or horseback for Garnet Lake at 9700 feet elevation in the Eastern Sierras. Arriving mid-afternoon, we set up camp and for the next six days painted a variety of scenes from the ultramarine blue lake to a small pond surrounded by huge boulders a short hike from camp, to a snow melt pond at the base at the foot of Mount Banner, which was about 45 minute hike and included another elevation gain.”

Landscape oil painting by Paul Kratter
Paul Kratter, “Morning Rocks,” oil on linen panel, 11 x 14 in.

This year the group included Bill Cone, cofounder of the Granite Group, plus Kim Lordier, Terry Miura, Carol Marine, Scott Hamill, Michele de Braganca, Cleo Vilett, Tia Kratter, and newcomer Mark Fehlman. Paul said it wa “a trip of a lifetime, we all agreed.”

Enjoy the following scenes from the Granite Group’s 2021 plein air painting trip:

Granite Group landscape painting trip Granite Group landscape painting trip Granite Group landscape painting trip

The Granite Group is made up of plein air artists who have been painting together since 2005. (Read more about these plein air painters at

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