Ever heard of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia? Some of the biggest names in plein air painting have, and they are heading there for an event scheduled for November 4 through 10.

The entrance to the Greenbriar in West Virginia

The Greenbrier Fine Art Week, held at the Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, will host artists Randall Sexton, Kenn Backhaus, Stapleton Kearns, T.M. Nicholas, Charles Movalli, Roger Dale Brown, Barbara Lussier, John Poon, Stefan Pastuhov, Steve Songer, Mike Graves, Perry Austin, and Dale Ratcliff. Nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, the resort is surrounded by rolling hills and farms beautified with hay bales, sheep, old barns, and other pastoral scenes. “The Greenbrier River Valley tucks small, old family farms into shady hollows where rocky creeks hide a few native trout, and then opens to sheep grazing in fields dotted with apple and walnut trees — and the country roads do lead home,” says Nancy Marshall, co-owner of Walls Fine Art Gallery, which is housed in the resort. Artist Perry Austin adds, “I think there may be more paintable scenes around here than anywhere else east of the Mississippi.”

“Winter,” by John Poon, acrylic, 18 x 24 in.

The landscape surrounding the Greenbrier is rustic; the resort itself is decidedly grand. It has hosted 26 American presidents and was readied for use as a bunker for Congress during the Cold War. There are four golf courses on its 10,000 acres.

“Pumpkins,” by Charles Movalli, acrylic, 36 x 36 in.

The Greenbrier Fine Art Week may not attract world leaders, but it is attracting leading artists. They will paint during the week and hang their pieces at the “First Look!” party on November 8. Charles Movalli’s painting “Pumpkins” will be raffled off to one ticket-holding member of that unveiling party. Each participating artist is also bringing three paintings to hang in the resort’s ballroom during the event.

“By His Hand,” by Perry Austin, oil, 24 x 36 in.

For more information on the Greenbrier Fine Art Week, visit the event’s website.


  1. Thank you for the posting on the Plein Air Painters of Chicago. I would just like to give Martha Stevens credit for more recently picking up the “Locaton Master” responsibilities. We haven’t yet updated this on our website……we are too busy painting!


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