Saim Caglayan painting in the Sonora Desert

A group of artists painted in the westernmost part of Sonora Desert in Borrego Springs, California, from November 7-10, 2012 and offered their plein air paintings for sale at the Borrego Valley Inn.

Left to right: Ken Auster, John Burton, Scott Burdick, and Saim Caglayan

“Borrego Springs Palm,” by John Burton
“The Art at the Inn,” as this event was called, was organized by Rich Caldwell of the Borrego Valley Inn and artist Saim Caglayan. Participating artists were Mark Kerckhoff, Scott Burdick, John Burton, Ken Auster, and Caglayan. “The weather and the display of clouds against the azure skies were outstanding,” reports Caglayan. “Fall in this part of the Sonora Desert is very beautiful, with warm colors of the dormant vegetation surrounded by the lighter tones of sand and rocks winding their way between warm and intense colors of the cliffs. It is always a joy to paint here.”

“Hawk Canyon,” by Saim Caglayan

“Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining,” by Ken Auster

The outdoor painting event took place at Anza Borrego Desert State Park, in Borrego Springs. The Borrego Valley Inn is owned by Rich and Gwen Caldwell, who hosted two receptions for the artists and a gala evening that was open to the public. The paintings completed by the artists can be viewed at For more information, visit,,,, and


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