Trepanier painting at Hoge Pass in Kluane National Park and Reserve, in Canada’s Yukon Territory

Cory Trepanier, who is pushing conservation through painting via massive painting and media projects, has released another video of his extreme plein air painting in Canada’s northernmost reaches.

The plane departs as Trepanier is left to fend for himself in Kluane

PleinAir Today has previously reported on Trepanier’s efforts, and the latest transmission from the painter maintains the dramatic level of his past programs, which have been broadcast widely on Canadian TV as well as U.S. cable channels. Trepanier is characteristically enthusiastic about his latest film.


“I hope this episode gives everyone a taste of what it’s like to fly into Kluane’s icefields and at 10,000 feet come face to face with the majesty of the highest mountain in Canada, on the largest massif in the world — Mount Logan,” says Trepanier. “Hopefully this will get some other artists dreaming — it was a truly sweet spot to set up my easel!” 

Trepanier addresses the camera as he takes in the enormous scale of the mountains in Kluane National Park and Reserve

Also characteristically, Trepanier glides over the fact that after painting the piece, he needed to descend one kilometer straight down with his full pack. The difficult is the norm for this artist.

Follow Trepanier’s projects on his website.


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