Paige Oden’s First Place winner

While the gala Laguna Plein Air Painters Association was going on by the shore, the city of Tustin held its Art Walk and plein air competition a bit inland.

William Crawley’s Second Place winner

In a place like Southern California, with such an embarrassment of painting subjects, ideal plein air painting weather, and plenty of collectors, there is room for all kinds of events. The spillover of talented artists last weekend showed up in Tustin, with top awards going to Paige Oden (First Place), William Crawley (Second Place), and Esther Jacks (Third Place). Honorable Mentions went to Sung Su and Kathleen Robison, with Sung Su pulling in the People’s Choice award as well.

Esther Jacks’s Third Place winner

Jacks, a 28-year-old L.A. artist, was overjoyed with the event. “I honestly really felt like it was an incredible opportunity for me to be able to show my work as a young artist amongst such seasoned professionals,” she says. “It was a real honor for me. This was the first competition or contest I have ever participated in, and I found the community of Tustin really warm and welcoming.”


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