The wild landscape of the American West and its denizens are the subject of an inviting new group exhibition at Denver’s Abend Gallery. 
On view now, Abend Gallery’s “Western Show” comprises oil and mixed media paintings in the figurative, landscape, and still life genres, with works ranging in size from 10-by-8-inch sketches to three- and four-foot canvases.

Joshua Been, “Alpine Backdrop,” oil, 24 x 36 in. Abend Gallery
The “Western Show” features the art of Joshua Been, Jennifer Bobola, Amery Bohling, Lorenzo Chavez, Sean Conrad, Judith Dickinson, Lindsey Bittner Graham, Peggy McGivern, Warren Neary, Arleta Pech, John Pototschnik, Connie Renner, John Roush, Elizabeth Sandia, Robert Spooner, Lani Vlaanderen, and Seth Winegar.

Lindsey Bittner Graham, “Airborne,” oil, 18 x 22 in. Abend Gallery

Arleta Pech, “Simple Pleasures,” oil, 30 x 32 in. Abend Gallery

John Pototschnik, “Weston Grist Mill,” oil, 16 x 27 in. Abend Gallery

The paintings on display offer a rather broad picture of life in the West. Been’s majestic landscapes celebrate the grandeur of its natural creation, while Neary’s paintings capture the stillness and peace this land offers. Bobola’s mixed media works re-create the spatial organization and something of the aesthetic from Native carvings. Spooner’s imaginative renderings of farm equipment and horses are on display alongside Graham’s dynamic pictures of these animals in action.

Judith Dickinson, “Watchful,” oil, 40 x 30 in. Abend Gallery

Seth Winegar, “Peaceful Storm,” oil, 30 x 40 in. Abend Gallery
Abend Gallery’s “Western Show” will remain on display through February 8. A concurrent exhibition, “A Glimmer of Truth,” features the art of Peggy McGivern and Elsa Sroka. To learn more, visit


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