How does one choose which painting to enter into a contest? Winners of past contests in the PleinAir Salon all seem to point to one thing in their comments about winning.

Lead Image: “News Worthy,” by Suzie Baker, 2015, oil on linen, 12 x 16 in. Private collection. First Place in the April-May contest of the 2015 PleinAir Salon

By now you may have heard how Jim McVicker kept entering one painting in contests because he believed in it — and that piece ended up winning the $15,000 top prize last year.

Back in May, Suzie Baker won First Place in the April-May contest of the PleinAir Salon. It was a painting based on a still life that she had already painted — and sold. When you have a winner on your hands, you know it.

“For every piece that you like,” says Baker, “there is at least one or more that you throw away.” But if your heart says that a painting is good, believe in it.

Do you have any paintings in your studio that you believe in? Enter it in the PleinAir Salon, and see what happens. It could make you $15,000 richer.

The deadline for the February-March contest is January 31. Enter now, here.


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