Permalba’s Original White paint scored well in Linton’s estimation.

Artists consider how various whites mix with colors, or whether they tend toward warm or cool, but another consideration is how white the paint stays over time.

A 2010 blog post from artist Jonathan Linton is making the rounds on social media right now, and his conclusions on which white paints change color over time is raising some eyebrows.

The full chart of the various whites Linton tested

Linton is clear about his explorations being decidedly unscientific, but he shared his personal testing of various white paints. The Washington, D.C.- area artist painted various brands and versions of white paint on panels, dragging the paint across a strip of black paint, mixing the white paint with a bit of black, and applying the white paint thickly to one area. He let them “cure” for two years and photographed the results.

There are endless explanations for why some of the paints yellowed or even picked up an orange tint, but Linton stands by his results. The biggest surprise? Permalba Original White finished at the top of the class.

Which white paints do you stand behind?



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